Founded by Emma Vith, The Stranger’s Club is a cross-generational incubator that carries on the roots established in the heritage farmstead location of her parents, Peter and Sue Vith, and their business Out of this World. The home, built in 1828, lends itself to an intricate walk-through experience with various rooms and corners, right in the heart of the city’s bustling Green Point neighbourhood.  

The Strangers Club is our invitation to share this space with you, whoever you may be; a local, traveller, or friend. It has been a labour of love to create, chipping away at and transforming the space as we go. What started as a few tables in the courtyard of my parents ‘warehouse’, has slowly become a multidisciplinary home to the best of what contemporary Cape Town and authentic Africa has to offer.

Our philosophy centres around fostering curiosity and encouraging a moment of content amongst the bustle. Nothing happened quickly whilst creating this place, but it happened with an abundance of heart and a will to keep getting better.

We welcome you to journey through the various rooms of our space – built in 1828, this house has a history and we are trying our best to keep its soul alive.

We hope to see you soon!

With love

from Emma


Our food philosophy is centred on the honest, homegrown abundance found in the Western Cape. With an emphasis on local, seasonally sourced ingredients, Emma and her team have developed a menu reflective of Cape Town’s approach to café eating; pared back with a focus on simplicity and quality, ranging from delicious breakfasts to easy-going brunch and lunch choices. Alongside our exceptional offering of coffees, warm drinks, juices and smoothies – our intention is that you leave The Strangers Club feeling nurtured and whole.


Our retail offering is an expansive blend of two concepts that contrast each other in aesthetic, but connect the essential spirit of craftsmanship so intrinsic to Africa. The Strangers Club is home to a walk-through array of local products, clothing and accessories made by local brands that align with the values of ethical production and conscious consumption. Having merged Out of this World with The Strangers Club, we are proud to continue showcasing the generational legacy of the Vith family in it’s sole location through our abundant, carefully sourced African art, artefacts and heirlooms from around the continent.


At The Strangers Club, we host a variety of gatherings that cater to diverse interests and individuals who resonate with our unique atmosphere. Whether you’re a creative looking to collaborate, a learner seeking knowledge, or simply someone who values connection; our gatherings are designed to bring like-minded souls together.

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Make your breakfast or lunch experience at The Strangers Club even more easy-going by reserving your table in advance. Please note specific tables cannot be booked as tables are allocated in accordance to the size of the party.